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Food Kosher

The Why Of Eating Kosher

Kosher food is food that conforms to the Jewish dietary law, or kashrut. Some of the foods in a kosher diet can be found in the books of Leviticus 11:1-47 and Deuteronomy 14: 3-20, as can some of the kosher rules. One of the first commandments given to human beings was about food; Adam and Eve were commanded not to eat fruit from the Tree of Life. Some Rabbi’s believe that to follow a kosher diet instills discipline from an early age, while others believe the eating kosher food is good for a person’s soul, just as eating food in general is good for the body.

The Torah commands that only meat from particular animals is to be consumed by humans, and that meat must be killed and prepared in a certain way. Once an animal’s has been killed, Jewish persons are not allowed to consume the blood, the fat called helev, or the sciatic nerve of the animal. The Torah explains that the reason one must not consume the blood is because it is the life source and soul of the animal.

The Torah is also very strict when it comes to the mixing of milk and meat, which must never be done. There will even be separate dishes, cutlery, and even separate sinks used when preparing food that has either milk or meat in them. If you eat a food that does not contain either meat or milk such as a salad, you may consume milk or meat with the salad, but not both.

Some modern day followers of the Jewish faith believe that kosher dietary rules are simply ancient health regulations which are now considered obsolete because of modern methods of preparing food. While studying the why of eating kosher, secular scholars are proposing that the restrictions have more to do with the environment. Take for example the camel, which is not kosher was more useful as a working animal than a source of food.

The short answer as to why those of the Jewish faith eat only kosher foods is; because the Torah says to. The Torah does not explain the dietary restrictions but to those of the Jewish faith it does not require further explanation; the Torah says to do it, so they do. Obedience to God is shown by following all of His laws, regardless of whether or not you understand why.


Kosher Dining At Its Finest

Bar Mitzvah is a special time in life, when one enters into adulthood and assumes many more responsibilities than before. This is a great privilege and should be celebrated with joy and reverence by everyone involved.

When we finally decided on the appropriate day for our sons entry into adulthood and his Bar Mitzvah celebration I was a bit worried; there are not many catering facilities available that can prepare a wonderful menu in the kosher tradition. Luckily a friend of the family was able to recommend Mitzuyan Kosher Catering.

The staff at Mitzuyan Kosher Catering was friendly and helpful from the first phone call. We were able to meet with them and discuss the theme and colors of our celebration, which they matched to perfection. They were very understanding of my many questions as the planning was underway, and worked hard to assure me that everything would be perfect for our sons’ special day. The chef was able to produce a few sample menus as well as being open to any suggestions or requirements we had. He even made a dish that our aunt is famous for, her famous marbled halvah cheesecake!

The food provided was excellent and the staff made what could have been a stressful day into a day of joy and pleasure. Mitzuyan Kosher Catering has a mobile kitchen operation so the food was fresh and cooked on site, and everything was hot and delicious when it was served. The ingredients were top shelf; you could taste the quality in every dish. The hors d’oeuvres were plentiful and varied, the starters like the Teriyaki Glazed Salmon were wonderful, the entrée selection was large and each entrée was cooked to perfection; the dessert table towards the end of the evening wowed everyone in the room with its vast array of cupcakes, brownie bar items, cookies, sweet breads and of course Aunt M’s melt in your mouth cheesecake.

After the party the staff again performed an amazing job, quickly cleaning up and clearing out of the banquet hall we had reserved for the occasion. When my final bill came it was exactly the amount we had agreed upon, with no ‘extra’ hidden fees for services rendered. This event was a wonderful experience for our entire family and I would definitely recommend Mitzuyan Kosher Catering to anyone who is planning a kosher celebration.


Kosher Food For Jewish Celebrations And Bar Mitzvahs

Bar Mitzvahs hold great significance for Jews across the world. One of the most poignant of all the Jewish celebrations, Bar Mitzvahs bring families and friends together to celebrate young adulthood. After a solemn start, these sacred events are immediately followed by a lavish spread of Jewish hospitality with food and drinks doing the rounds.

For the older adults, nephews and godsons the Bar Mitzvah is the time to recollect their own splendid celebrations. For the seniors, it is time to recall the past, where their own Bar Mitzvahs’ were the talk of the town! The highlights of many such reminiscences are the special food, drinks and celebrations thereafter.

Kosher food is unique in essence. It’s preparation is with a lot of love, dedication and blessings of the faithful. In modern times the compulsion of parents is to offer the same lavish spread of kosher food but pressures of economics have pared down the number of dishes. Considering the general costs and economics, most Bar Mitzvah celebrations have today fine elements of modern food and traditional kosher food.
Professional kosher food is now easily available for solemn occasions by dedicated caterers. They offer a mix of the old and the new, delighting young adults with the variety and spread and satisfying the older generation with the traditional recipes, faithfully reproduced.

Modern menus for Bar mitzvahs include:

Cupcake towers
Stations for ice-creams
Chocolate fountains
Grilled cheeses

However, one can order traditional menus as well. These typically include:
Hummus which is the chickpea-based dip (more like peanut butter)
Bagel Bars: Bagels with assorted toppings- whitefish, dill, red onion, lox schmears, capers and more
Rugelach spread: Raspbery, marzipan, chocolate or poppy seed
Potato knishes
Chopped liver
Pastrami on rye
Matzo ball soup
While these are just a few of the items, caterers include age-old dishes, upon special request.

As young adults seek the blessing of the local community and their elders, it is not only an occasion which brings the family together but captures the essence of the Jewish life-cycle. It is the occasion where the old give place to the new generation to seek their future albeit on the foundations of the old. The rituals and the rites, faithfully followed by the old are practiced and reproduced for the young to follow, learn and abide by. Bar Mitzvahs hold a lot of meaning for every individual involved.